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Giclee Prints?

What is this all about?

Giclee is an indication of the best quality digital prints available in the fine-art world.  Unlike the mass-produced 4x6 in. prints we are all used to, the prints we produce are of the highest quality, in large format.  Archival inks on acid-free paper assure the collector that their purchase will have a long life.  The average life of the prints we produce is approximately 100 years.

Why should this matter to you?

If you are new to collecting, or a seasoned professional, this type of printing and control allows me to produce these  high-quality, limited edition portfolios of my work at a reasonable price.

Should I invest in Giclee prints?

Why not? Museums, art galleries and public venues throughout the world are purchasing, collecting and displaying Giclee prints. And this is an opportunity to collect one of a limited edition print of museum, archival quality.

But I really would prefer Gelatin-Silver Prints?

I am represented by A Gallery for Fine Photography in New Orleans. Joshua Pailet is the gallery owner.  If you would like to order traditional gelatin-silver prints he can handle your orders.

A Gallery for Fine Photography has a great website...
Please let either of us know if we can help you with your photo decisions!
Laissez lez Bon Ton roulez!

Chris Harris

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