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Curriculum Vita





Professor Christopher R. Harris

Department of Electronic Media Communication

College of Mass Communication

Middle Tennessee State University

Bx X-010

Murfreesboro, TN 37132


Last Updated: April, 2015 




            MS                                                  1991 University of Alabama, Journalism

            BFA                                                1969     Rochester Institute of Technology



Professional Experience:

1986-87: Director/Cinematographer-Morrison Productions, New Orleans, La.

1981-83: Photo Editor/Photographer-Gambit newspaper, New Orleans, La.

1977-79: Photo Editor/Photographer-Figaro newspaper, New Orleans, La.

1970-79: Photographer, New Orleans Saints N.F.L. team.

1970-72: Director of Photography, Living Magazine, New Orleans, La.

1969-to present:  Freelance photographer, (See attached list of clients).  Worf has primarily involved editorial photography, whether for commercial, advertising, industrial or editorial usage.  Since 1969  over 2,000 assignments have been completed for major publications and corporations worldwide. Major photojournalism clients have been Time, Newsweek and the New YorkTimes.  (Specialties in commercial photography include Annual Reports, Advertising, Architectural, and Commercial Industrial Photography.)





Major Clients:




               Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Forbes, Discover, Sports Illustrated,

               Life, Esquire, People, Geo, Playboy, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones,

               Venture, McCalls, Redbook, G.Q., Better Homes and Gardens,

               Portfolio, The New York Times, American Photographer, Associated

               Press, United Press International, Bunte, Stern, Der Spiegel, Epoca,

               Paris Match, Manchete, The Sunday Times of London, Time-Life

               Books, Encyclopedia Brittanica, Doubleday, Random House, McGraw-Hill,                Gruner + Jahr, Prentice-Hall,  Farrar, Straus & Giroux, and more.




               Shell Oil, Texaco, Conoco, Exxon, Chevron, IBM, Air France, Delta

               Airlines, Holiday Inns of America, Yamaha Motorcycles, Xerox

               Corp., CBS, NBC, ABC, Home Box Office, Bob Hope Enterprises,

               Ford Foundation, American Bar Association, U.S. Chamber of Commerce,
               National Football League, Minolta Camera Corporation,

               and more.


          Photojournalism represented through offices worldwide by Gamma/Liaison Agency (now part of the Getty Images collection).


          Stock photography represented in thirty-two countries by Painet Stock

          Agency and Super Stock International agenciey. 


          Fine art photography represented by A Gallery for Fine Photography, New Orleans and Richter Gallery of Photography, Nashville.


Continued Intellectual Development in Area of Specialization,

Including Refereed and Invited Presentations:

*See research section for refereed papers and other documentation of continued intellectual development.


“Finding Images: Understanding Licensing and Using the Public Domain” Text and Academic Authors, National Convention, Las Vegas, NV, June, 2008                                                                     


“Locating Photographs and Obtaining Permission Rights for use in Textbooks.” Text And Academic Authors, National Convention, St. Petersburg, Fl., April, 2004


"A report on Racial Diversity in Visual Journalists in the News Industry," Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, National Convention, Miami, FL, Aug. 2002. Invited Panelist, and presenter.


          "A report on a survey dealing with the transition to digital technology in          photojournalism programs accredited by ACEJMC," Association for Education  in Journalism and Mass Communication, National Convention, Washington, DC, Aug. 2001. Invited Panelist, and presenter.



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